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photo by Quentin De Smedt

What’s your role at Stylight?
I am an AWS Engineer and part of the Technical Infrastructure Team.

Any hidden passions or hobbies?
I am passionate about photography and freediving.

How did you get into freediving?
I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, and I spent most of my vacations/weekends at the beach with my parents or friends. We would go out each morning by dinghy, and not come back until late afternoon. I spent literally every day in the water. I went snorkeling for the first time in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt and began to dive down. I remember being so curious about what was down there — it was irresistible.

When and where did you start freediving?
In 2014, After long snorkeling experiences slowly it became a passion and I took some training in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt where I learned about the sport of freediving. It has been a big part of my life ever since. Nowadays I go once or twice a year to Dahab for training, it is the largest and oldest freediving community in the world.

photo by: Huub Waaldijk

How has freediving affected your life?
Freediving has been the inspiration to explore deeper into my mind and body. It is the reason I meditate, stretch and breath correctly. Freediving requires an awareness and honesty with yourself that separates it from any other sport that I have ever participated in. It has allowed me to explore myself and meet wonderful people in amazing places around the world.

How long can you actually stay underwater for?
The longest I’ve held my breath is four minutes. And the deepest I’ve dived is 40 meters.

Please define your passion in one hashtag:

The power outfit to rock it?
Wetsuits, mask, snorkel bi-fins and weight belts

photo courtesy of: Only One Apnea Center

Any advice for someone who would like to start?
No matter the level you want to achieve, I hope you take a freediving course and experience the underwater world. Take yourself to where you thought you couldn’t go! It doesn’t matter how deep will you go!

Who or what is the social muse you like to follow?
I follow the sport news and new world records. There is something admirable to take from everyone’s experiences. I am a big fan of Alan Watts lecture and seminar recordings.

What are your goals and plans for the future?
On one hand, I would like to share some of my freediving experience with everyone and tell them about the beauty of freediving and breathing and how it can reflect on your daily life. So, I started holding free breathing workshops, meditation sessions, and talks. I will keep doing it since I got very good feedback and more people would like to take part in it.
On the other hand, I am going to Egypt in October, I will take part in the Red Sea Cup. As part of that I will keep training, pushing my limits, exploring my self and my abilities.

Anything you would like to add?
There are unlimited reasons to start freediving. However, I can tell you the most beneficial aspects of it in my experience:
– Training your mind and body
– The absolute awesome underwater sensations
– Learning more about yourself on a physiological level
– Pushing yourself beyond what you ever thought was capable

|By Mohamed Othman – AWS Engineer|


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