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As presented in the previous post, STYLIGHT team is not only big, but also international, young and more than interesting. Employees are always thriving for a common goal here at STYLIGHT and they also bring valuable experience, expertise and, most importantly, their dreams!

Which are the dream jobs that have lead STYLIGHTers to whom they are right now? In this post we’ll unveil the (sometimes really eccentric!) professional lusts of some of our team members. From saving lives to translating President’s speeches, from hitting the stage to conquering the space, from teaching at schools to exploring the world: be ready to dive into the past!

15% of artists, 13% of doctors, 8% of leading roles (including a Secret Agent!) and (can you believe it?) just four techies. Exactly, just four: so, what was the dream job of our awesome and super-techie team members?

Baptiste Hausmann, SEO Manager, had interesting ideas (and few is changed in the meanwhile!): “I actually wanted to be a magician. I just liked this whole thing behind, how it works. What I really loved was the reaction of people, who wanted to understand how it’s done. Even now I still like to watch how the things are done and to understand how it’s done by myself. It’s always quite fascinating and interesting.” Is that what SEO is, in a way? “At my current work I do feel like a magician in a way. In SEO we do some stuff and we hope it will work good in the end. I work with a structure and algorithm and sometimes the result is magical!”

DREAM JOB- Final-02

Actors, rockstars, models, but also princesses: almost 30% of young STYLIGHTers were really hungry for fame! Pauline Reuter, Content Marketing Manager France has always dreamt of becoming a rock star. As she says: “I wanted to be a rockstar. A female rockstar, because I think there’s only a few female rockstars, and the one that we know are very stylish and they really have a personal touch and style. I like women who are daring, I admire them for doing what they want, because sometimes I can be really shy and tamed, so to me they represent powerful women. Sometimes I feel like a rockstar in the shower. But at work too, when you have great results, and you’re proud of yourself, then I feel myself as a rockstar. I don’t know if I would like to be a rockstar now, I don’t sing well. But I definitely would like to be office rock star!”


At STYLIGHT we all believe in a strong philosophy: ALWAYS AIM HIGH! And if being a famous rockstar is not enough, someone has very big dreams. Our Lead Business Development Manager, Elisabeth Kroess, had a clear goal in mind when she was a little child: she wanted to become the Pope. Yes, exactly “that” Pope. We’d say, a very ambitious young Lizzy: “When I was around 3-4 years old my grandmother used to watch when the Pope met the people in Rome at this ceremony. And when he was walking out at this small balcony and everyone was waving to him like he was a superstar I thought ‘I want to be this person, on this balcony’. I thought he was doing something really cool until I realized, when I was a bit older, that unfortunately it has to be a man!”. So, something changed in the meanwhile. What it feels like being a BusDev Manager? “I think I like the power position, where you can influence people and their behavior. As BusDev Manager at STYLIGHT I feel some power as well. I’m taking care of the German market, which is still the most important one. It’s not much power, rather responsibility.”

DREAM JOB- Final-03

Talking about aiming high, almost 12% of our team has ‘sky’ ambitions. Like Damien Verichon, our Senior Business Development Manager, who has always been fascinated by space and dreamt to become an astronaut: “Space was completely full of questions and I was curious to answer them: what fascinated me the most is to go into unknown. The discovery potential is huge, when you think about space. And also being the first one to discover, when you are a part of the action, when you actually do something no one ever done before you”. Isn’t it what a BusDev Manager does? Discover new brands, shops and potential ways to enlarge STYLIGHT business? “I also feel kind of a explorer at my current job: when you work for a startup there’s also a big part of unknown and you don’t completely know the thing you’ll achieve. And, in a way, I feel myself as one who discovers all the time.”
Damien started working for STYLIGHT in 2012, when the company had around 30 employees. Over the years it grew up to 150, so something has definitely changed in the meantime, thanks to such ‘discovering’ attitude, for sure!

DREAM JOB- Final-01

But not only aiming high and risk-taking attitude make STYLIGHTers who they are today. Fairness and good making is also among the dream jobs list. As Elisabeth Kohlbach, Head of Product Processing says she wanted to become a police woman. “As a kid I wanted to become a police woman. First of all because once my mother made this little cute paper hat for a carnival and it had written police women all over it. And I loved it so much! And I thought actually it’s a nice thing to run after the thieves, get them, and make people happy because you can return the stolen goods and everything. So I thought it would be a nice thing to spend my time with. I wanted to become a good maker!”. What would we do without good makers?

DREAM JOB- Final-05

Regardless what STYLIGHTers have been dreaming of in the childhood, by taking various roles they all contribute equally to the common goal, thanks to their hearts full of dreams.

|By Ilenia Sarman|



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