The New Digital Etiquette – How To Get Smartphone Savvy


Let’s face it, technology can be confusing and we’re not only talking about installing a new router or apple-tv. This is about the serious stuff, about how to act around other humans, not just the virtual ones seen on screen.

“In an age of constant live connections, the central question of self-examination is drifting from ‘Who are you?’ towards ‘What are you doing?” ― Tom Chatfield, How to Thrive in the Digital Age

So, let’s get back to basic – when is using your phone socially acceptable and more importantly, unacceptable? So we’ve created this handy digital etiquette guide which you can print and put in your handbag for when you’re a little unsure 😉

Public transportation

Guilty as charged – we’ve all used smartphones on bus, subway, tram whenever, wherever! In fact, we challenge you to take the bus without seeing at least 10 smartphones and that’s okay, traveling can be both boring and time consuming which makes phones the perfect playmate. Try to keep your secrets for yourself though, talking loudly on the phone can be a little TMI sometimes, we don’t all need to know about the last time you shaved your legs.

At a party

We’ve all been there, at a party where you don’t know anyone or at an awkward dinner. But sometimes you gotta make friends IRL, Facebook can wait, put the phone away and make conversation – talk about the weather if you have to!


At a restaurant

We get it, avocado toast is sometimes just screaming to be photographed. However, try to make it original and don’t start rearranging other peoples plates to get “the perfect food-pic” (or stand on the chair to get the perfect angle – cringe!).

On a date

If you want to have a chance of getting a second, third or fourth date, leave the phone in your clutch. Constantly checking your phone signals that there’s somewhere else you’d rather be and prevents flirty eye contact.


At work

Keep it on silent! It’s always best to err on the side of caution when in professional situations.

When alone

Roam Free! Enter an Instagram vortex, perfect your selfie or smash the next level of Candy Crush.


And as if that wasn’t enough, here are some survival tips and rules that ALWAYS apply:

  • Please, don’t shout – the other person can hear you perfectly fine and if not, there is a small, small button on the side where they can adjust the volume. Even if it might be hard to believe, the whole store is not interested in your discussion about what to buy for dinner.
  • Both hands on the wheel! Don’t jeopardize other peoples lives by texting in the car, we promise you that the text can wait for ten minutes.
  • SMS means short message service. Stick to this. No one likes reading messages the length of the bible.

Now when you know the rules for the new digital area – go ahead and enjoy the world (both digital and beyond).

| By Sophie Linnusaar |



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