Julian von Eckartsberg joined Stylight as managing director


Stylight’s team of managing directors has been completed again as Julian von Eckartsberg succeeds Maximilian Müller. Von Eckartsberg joined board members Nicolas Stadtelmeyer, Ulrich Bartholomäus, Andreas Wanderer, Dan Ackerson and Daniel Puschmann as the new CEO in July 2018. Julian von Eckartsberg will be focusing on driving and further accelerating Stylight’s successful growth path ahead. He will also be responsible for Stylight’s consumer products.

“In the last weeks I was quite often asked why I am joining Stylight”, Julian von Eckartsberg said. “So why is this the case? Because it’s a business and industry where I believe we can lead the future. Because our market is huge and growing. Because I’m excited to engage and work with passionate people. And of course, because I’m a consumer myself and really believe in Stylight’s value add to our users.”

Formerly Julian von Eckartsberg was working at ProSiebenSat.1 SE, Stylight’s parent company, heading the Group’s Strategy, Business Development and Market Intelligence departments. Previously, he co- founded the start-up “Shotnote”, a location-based photo-sharing app.

Julian von Eckartsberg



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