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HEADLINE: Cosmopolitan Magazin’s Editor in Chief Joins STYLIGHT

Drum roll please… Kerstin Weng joins STYLIGHT! Leaving the lofty heights of Cosmopolitan Germany’s Editor in Chief, Kerstin comes to STYLIGHT to take the reins of our new editorial department. From early 2015, Kerstin will be spearheading our new vision for STYLIGHT.de, into the world of online journalism. As an experienced expert in the field, Weng confirms she’s “looking forward to getting back to [her]journalism roots”. The appointment of Kerstin at STYLIGHT is a match made in business heaven, with both sides bringing a different set of skills to the table.

But with a new move comes new challenges, something that neither party is afraid of. Having previously worked for the well known publications such as Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Myself magazine, Kerstin has confirmed that a move into the online world was inevitable with journalism being, at its heart, a fast-paced, ever-changing medium, making it perfect for the web. This is exemplified by the fact that digital readers can be very demanding in terms of news and new content. “You’re given immediate feedback about a piece, there’s no waiting to go to print and then slowly seeing the feedback trickle in: you receive an opinion as soon as it’s published.”



The STYLIGHT founders with Kerstin Weng f.l.t.r. Anselm Bauer, Benjamin Günther, Kerstin Weng, Max-Josef Meier, Sebastian Schuon


STYLIGHT´s 2015 ambitions  match this editorial move. With an exquisite curriculum vitae  and having her words published in Emotion, indie, Matador, Neon, SZ-Magazin, Textil-Revue, Weltwoche and Woman, Kerstin concludes 2014 at Cosmopolitan ready to start 2015 afresh at STYLIGHT. This will be the perfect opportunity for STYLIGHT to develop editorially by listening to our users, learning from them, and improving the users’ experience with all our online content. Our excitement is matched by Kerstin who reminded us last week: “I’m dying to get started”. So are we, K. So are we.




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