Pick your Horrors Wisely



 “I’m a thrill-seeker when it comes to horror shows and movies. However, the excitement turns into fear each and every time I watch this genre.”

Full name: Shanté Storme Charlene Nevins, 24
Profession @ STYLIGHT: Quality Assurance working student
What did you study: North American Studies & Communication Science
Nationality: German/ American
Home town: Munich
Pets: my beloved dog
Favourite purple item: my American Apparel Beanie
If you could swap positions with someone at STYLIGHT for a day, who would it be? someone in the PR-Team
How do you have your coffee? black with milk (just filter coffee for me, please!)
Favourite Munich hotspot? I really like Schwabing and Au
A book you´d like to recommend? The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison



“A real zombie-fanatic I am. Feeling scared is not in my dictionary.”



Full name: Angela Donau, 26.
Profession @ STYLIGHT: Intern Human Resources.
What did you study: Currently doing my MSc in Psychology.
Nationality: German.
Home town: I’m just a small town girl being born in the lovely city of Bamberg – it’s known as the capital of beer with the highest concentration of breweries in the world!
Pets: Unfortunately I don’t have a pet at the moment, but I’d love to have a dog with floppy ears.
Favourite purple item: My lilac Dirndl, which looks a little bit like “Milka Chocolate”.
If you could swap positions with someone at STYLIGHT for a day, who would it be? Someone in the Content Team – to get an exclusive insight on how they create those amazing campaigns!
How do you have your coffee? Coffee with milk. But not too much – this is why I prefer to add an espresso to my cappuccino.  Complicated, I know 😉
Favourite Munich hotspot? I love being in the mountains or visiting one of the lakes around Munich. In the summer time I really enjoy having a drink at the Café Vorhoelzer Forum – that is where you have the most amazing view all over Munich.
A book you´d like to recommend? Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. A book full of dreams, adventures & heart-warming characters.



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