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Being part of the PR & Content team at STYLIGHT is stimulating, exciting and hard work. Communicating with media all day, setting up new collaborations and keeping up with everything that goes on online is fun, but can be a little hectic sometimes. So what do the STYLIGHTers do to relax and unwind after work? How do they get energy for a brand new day? We asked three members from the PR and Content Marketing team about their ultimate way to relax and top tips for stress-relief.



Our essentials for relaxing

Sophie Linnusaar – Fashion PR & Communications Manager Sweden

What do you do to relax after work?
I go running five to six times week. I love it because it somehow cleanses my mind of all the things I might be worrying about in that moment; it’s my meditation. And it also allows me to discover and see new places in Munich.

Why running?
I do it because it gives me good ideas. Sometimes I might have an issue for which I can’t find the right solution, so that’s why I go running. It empties my mind and allows me to find fresh ideas and perspectives. It’s also great for releasing tension and excess energy. When I’m not in the mood for running I love to go to a nice cafe, sit down with a book or with friends. Always with a huge filter coffee.

How do you stay centered during extremely busy or stressful times?
Working at STYLIGHT is a very social job, which requires non-stop communication and sometimes its nice to just tune out and just spend quiet time alone. I like to do something with my hands rather than my mind; make a shift in focus. When I’ve had a busy week I love going out for dinner and drinks with friends. Carbs and red wine make everything better!

Which other activity would you like to try?
I’ve been wanting to try floating for ages. It’s a tank with a layer of salt water at skin temperature, in which you float for at least one hour. It’s totally isolated so you’re not distracted by sound, scent, feeling or sight. It allows you to focus and relax. I’m really curious about this!

Best tip for someone who’s feeling stressed and tense?
Download an audiobook and listen to it while you go for a long walk outside. I do this and can walk around for hours and take my mind off everything. If you don’t like listening to audiobooks, I still recommend going outside. Look around, observe your environment, the people, the architecture. When you’re stressed, your mind gets “foggy” and you’re not conscious about what’s happening around you. Go out and look around you, it will definitely take your mind off things and put whatever you’re stressed about into perspective. If you’re in a stressful period, make sure to take extra good care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to say “no” and do your own thing. Also, I strongly recommend girls-night at Bar Teatro Tapas in Haidhausen.


Pauline Reuter – Fashion Content Marketeer France

What do you do to relax after work?
I read literature, preferably old classic books on my kindle. I have a weakness for stories of the romantic period. I am currently reading Anna Karenina by Tolstoi and before this I read Bel Ami by Maupassant and Emma by Jane Austin. So I read both French and English books. Gone with the wind is my all-time favourite book and film.

It really helps me detach from the world in which we’re currently living, and allows me to get fully immersed into another world. I read on my way to work and after work, in bed with a nice cup of tea. It’s so relaxing to be able to isolate myself for a while and enter another world so to speak. Especially during winter time, when it gets dark early, reading is the perfect thing to do.

How do you stay centered during extremely busy or stressful times?
When I have some time, I like watching old movies which in no way remind me of work or the issues I might be struggling with in that moment. I also like to hang out with friends or skype with friends back home. Talking helps me relax! If I don’t have much time, I love to have tea and lemon juice with mint. It might be a small thing but it feels like a mini-treat to me.

Which other activity would you like to try?
I would love to try aquabiking, which is basically a spinning class in a pool. It just seems really fun and weird to me, so I’m curious to try it. I get bored of sports quite easily so I need something fun to keep me motivated. When I lived in Paris, I used to go hiking in the forest outside the city. Once the weather is nicer, I’d love to go hiking in the nature and mountains outside Munich.

Best tip for someone who’s feeling stressed and tense?
Go out or listen to loud music! It’s the best way to release tension, just let yourself go. What I also think that helps is to talk to a friend or colleague and try to look at the funny side of things. Don’t take things too seriously!


Ilenia Sarman – PR & Communications Manager Italy

What do you do to relax after work?
I recently picked up dancing classes again. I started ballet dancing when I was four and did it for 15 years. After a long break I can’t wait to pick up my favourite hobby again. It makes me feel good about myself.

Why ballet?
You don’t need to be a professional to do ballet, but there’s a lot of technique involved, so you have to be focused. Ballet makes me feel strong and feminine, and it’s tougher than it may seem. It allows me to switch off my brain and feel free.

How do you stay centered during extremely busy or stressful times?
I try to distract myself and try to think of something else. My favourite thing to do is going to a cafe, have a nice coffee and observe other people. I’m a curious person, and love finding out something new or surprising. Because I’m by myself, I can focus and feel better instantly.

Which other activity would you like to try?
I would love to pick up running, but only in spring when the weather is better. I’d also love to take some cooking classes with friends. I think eating is the most beautiful thing you can do with someone. I’m Italian, so I’m expected to be good at cooking, but to be honest I’m not a very good cook. Cooking classes will hopefully help me improve! Food makes everyone happy, right?

Best tip for someone who’s feeling stressed and tense?
My best tip for other women is to make a small change. If you make yourself feel a little bit better, you’ll feel more confident. I think stress often comes from being worried about not being able to achieve your goals. Even if changing yourself on the outside might seem superficial, it will affect how you feel on the inside. Confidence will definitely help you deal with stress.

|By Athena de Belder|



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