We´ve got some Linwood Barclay fans here!



“I suffer from topographical disorientation to a point were even after 1.5 years in Munich I still bike with Google Maps.”


Name: Jordy Griffioen, 22
Profession @ STYLIGHT: Business Development Manager Netherlands
What did you study: BBA in Communications Management
Nationality: Dutch
Home town: Baambrugge… (the famous village where The Beach Boys recorded their album “Holland” ;))
Pets: A city is not the best place to keep pets.
Favorite purple item: I’m colourblind so it’s always hard for me to pick favorite colors. But I like the ´purple´ of STYLIGHT.
If you could swap positions with someone at STYLIGHT for a day, who would it be? Teresa, to get more insight into the US market and finally see NYC in real!
How do you have your coffee? I tried to stop drinking coffee, but failed. So it´s an espresso for me, as strong as possible.
Favorite Munich hotspot? Le Marais, nice and hip coffee place, Zephyr Bar for the craziest cocktails or Fei Sho to get the best Tofu Vegan Salat in town (also available without fresh coriander)!
A book you´d like to recommend? Fenster zum Tod” (original “Trust your eyes” from Linwood Barclay). The Hitchcock classic Rear Window in today’s digital world, a great to learn German!


“I´m a literary and cinematic thrill-seeker”


Full name: Melanie Weimann, 22
Profession @ STYLIGHT: Intern Content Marketing DACH
What did you study: Journalism
Nationality: German
Home town: Lauf an der Pegnitz
Pets: None
Favourite purple item: Lavender
If you could swap positions with someone at STYLIGHT for a day, who would it be? With someone from the Product Team
How do you have your coffee? With a lot of milk and without sugar
Favourite Munich hotspot? LUCKYWHO
A book you´d like to recommend? No Time for Goodbye – Linwood Barclay


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