“Remember, remember, don’t shave, it’s Movember!“


[UPDATE: read more about the 2015 edition of our Movember project here!]

Upon entering STYLIGHT HQ during the next four weeks you might feel like you entered a facial-hair trend setting company rather than a fashion e-commerce company. Let´s tell you something we´re very proud of: we´re giving our all for Movember!

When you enter our office in Munich during the next four weeks you might wonder, what so many guys (and yes, some girls too) with moustaches are doing at a fashion e-commerce company. One reason could be that we´re collectively going hipster in such a cool start-up, but that is truly not the reason behind it.

Whereas regular health checkups are part of a normal routine for women, most of us men tend to see a doctor once a year: when they are close to dying (which is in 99% of all cases just a simple cold, or the rather horrible manflu).

At STYLIGHT employees’ health is held high with sports programs, fresh fruit, endless water supply and more, however, going for a regular check-up that can detect serious illnesses before they spread or worsen remains quite disregarded for our male species, no fruit or water can heal that kind of stuff. For this reason we´re growing moustaches as a way to raise awareness for men’s health hoping that after a month of mustaches being in the spotlight we´ll not only inspire all our gents at STYLIGHT to plan regular check-ups but anyone else who sees our efforts.
The basic idea is to let your moustache grow for 30 days in November in order to support a good cause. Beards may be shaven, moustaches may not. As cause once started in 2004 in Melbourne, Movember is an act of activism in order to raise awareness for men’s health in general and prostate and testicular cancer especially.


Time to remove the facial furniture!

We´re very excited to announce that we have two STYLIGHT Movember teams, proudly supported by female colleagues. The Mo´Bros will not shave their moustaches over the 30 days of Movember whilst they document the growth of their moustaches over the time. The Mo´Sisters will support their respective teams and have already put bets on who´s going to look the most ridiculous.

Call us silly or not, it´s not just about having fun, there´s some dough that´s gotta be raised (and we´re not talking brezel dough FYI). For some gentlemen it will be quite a tedious experience to leave their facial furniture untouched for a month, something that definitely requires quite some emotional and social maturity. For this reason the Mo´Sisters will relieve their stress and give their all gathering donations.


Movember shaving

Clean slate, ready to save up for Movember!

We start the Movember month of active growing today with a collective shaving amongst the MoBros here at STYLIGHT. Via Inside STYLIGHT you´ll be kept up to date of the progress and can see all the details, pictures and other Movember updates. Have a look at the teams below, cast your vote (or show your appreciation) with a penny or two and let´s “change the face of men´s health” together!

You´re Cordially Invited to the Moscars:  On the 1st December 2014 we would like to invite you to the Moscars here at STYLIGHT, the one and only award show celebrating the month of Movember. Let us know if you will be attending via this link so that we can cater for all. The STYLIGHT Man of Movember will be chosen, the gathered donations will be revealed and the hair-growth-gifs will be revealed. A night not to be missed.

Team S’Mo’king Hot

Team MoStylight


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