12 Hours with: Denise, Stylight’s Advertising Designer


Define yourself in one hashtag

What’s your definition of success?
Having the possibility to combine my passion with my daily work/obligations; loving what you do is in my opinion the key to success.

Your power outfit?
Black lightwear short dresses, sandals, hippie jewelry/accessories and red lips; sometimes a hat.

Biggest surprise working at Stylight?
The impressive team spirit. So many different and smart personalities working together on one great vision.

Last thought before you go to sleep?
I often think about where my journey is going to and what is still waiting for me in life especially in terms of STYLIGHT and my career because this is a big part of my life.

Give us a word that describes your job for each letter of your name:

Person you’d love to have coffee with:
A person who inspires me to become a better person in terms of my personality and daily trade as a designer.

Best gift you’ve ever received:
My now 3 years old brother.

‘Home’ means…?
Where the people I love are which makes me feel comfortable, loved and lots of laughs!




Img1 denise
Have finally to get up after snoozing for too long. Story of my life – I love sleeping and snoozing ;).
Got my favorite cheese and ham pretzel from the bakery at my underground station. It’s not so far to the office so luckily I won’t be late.


Img2 denise
Let’s get started but first – coffee! Always ;). I like to have my coffee with soy milk just because I like the taste of it.
Last preparations for a meeting with Lacoste. We want to do an advertising campaign on Stylight.de with them. My job as a Designer in the Advertising Team at Stylight is really versatile. On the one hand I’m doing all the graphical stuff that is needed in the team but on the other hand I also have the chance to get in touch with our clients and getting creative during developing concepts for them.


Img3 denise

At Lacoste Munich. Let’s see if I can convince them with my presentation.
Back at the office getting some delicious lunch with my colleagues. I’m having grilled vegetables with hummus, guacamole and some pita. And I also have a Paloma lemonade. I love it – it’s a real thirst quencher and tastes so good.


Img4 denise

Back to work! I’m helping out some other teams with illustrations and collages I have to do for them.
To get my brain creative again I have to take a short break and devote myself to this food beauty. Yummy!!!


Img5 denise
Creative again! The team and I do several brainstorming sessions for creative campaigns we could do with different brands. Following I visualize these ideas in presentations for the brands to convince them of our ideas.
Momento! “Take a piece of time!“ I found these little notes in the bathroom of a little charming restaurant. And that’s what I did – took a piece of time and got some after work drinks with the girls.


Img6 denise
Let’s have dinner at the Pescheria, a charming Italian fish restaurant in Munich. A great little place in the Glockenbach quarter in Munich with very nice people and delicious food.
Heading home through the Glockenbach quarter with lots of love around me.



|By Denise Lutz|

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