Meet the Future of Retail


Our friends at hybris opened their lab to us today.

Meet Sven and Lars, technology strategists at hybris labs. Learn how hybris blends the latest technologies to shape the future of retail. Ever dreamed about combining Raspberry Pi, BLE modules, embedded NodeJS, beacons and commerce API?  Watch this, and also make sure to check CloudHackFest, a huge hacking event organized by these guys, over the next week end in Munich.

In the first part of the video, Sven and Lars showcases the Smart Wine Shelf, which can make wine suggestions based on your tastes. The shelf interacts with the user through LED lights and pressure sensors to detect which bottle is being picked up. Upon choosing a bottle of wine, the client is given a description of the wine on a tablet screen. The retailers gets detailed analytics on which bottles are picked the most.

Then we get a demo of the “Funky Retail” project, which feature some smart retails stands with pressure and proximity sensors. When a customer approaches, the proximity sensor detects the event and light up the stand. Upon picking up the object, the pressure sensor triggers a product video on the tv screen.

Fancying some Microservices, IoT and Commerce API hacking this weekend? Hybris is organizing CloudHackFest, a 200+ attendees hackathon happening in Munich at TUM from Oct 9th to Oct 11th.



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