Happy Birthday, Stylight.it! 3-years of a dirndl-moda partnership


There’s no doubt that the fashion and apparel world goes hand in hand with Italian business and tradition. Italy is recognized globally for its fashionable style and heritage, with some of the world’s most influential fashion designers and labels having been born in “The Belpaese” along with a manufacture tradition that is, luckily, still playing a relevant role in the Italian fashion and design sphere.

Italy has also seen the development and growth of several eCommerce players; among them, Yoox, one of the most important virtual luxury retailers whose completed merger with e-fashion giant Net-a-Porter, forms the world’s largest fashion e-tailer.

A strong heritage and manufacturing roots combined with technology: what happens in Italy when we talk about online shopping habits? Recent studies have shown that the Italian eCommerce market is one the fastest growing in Europe, despite not being one of the strongest worldwide economies. With a 15% growth expected for the eCommerce market in 2015, Italy keeps its role as a great potential market for international companies willing to expand their presence abroad. Fashion is demonstrating once again that Italian consumers are definitely into their stylish trends, with that being the product category holding the title for the second largest increase in online sales expected for 2015 (+23%).

That’s something we at Stylight know all too well. Now available  in 15 countries, across three continents, Stylight has always demonstrated an international approach and an interest in great potential markets. That’s why, exactly three years ago, the Bavarian company landed in Italy, filling a market segment – concerning online fashion aggregators – that was still relatively unknown to the Italian target and one that Stylight continues to lead.

After three years, it’s time for us to once again celebrate our anniversary – or compleanno – showcasing the results of a strong and strategic growth. Since its launch in 2012, Stylight.it has integrated the majority of the top Italian and international fashion e-shops, among them; Sarenza, Asos, Forzieri, Amazon and many more. As a matter of fact, from 2012 to 2015, the number of fashion products available on Stylight.it increased by almost 277% and now sits around 500K.

Stylight’s international experience has allowed brands to gain greater brand awareness as well as benefiting from international exposure for their target audience. The result? 74% of Stylight’s Italian partner shops are also internationally integrated; in particular within the German, French, Spanish and the UK sites.

From Italy to overseas and vice versa, Germany, Switzerland, France, USA and UK are the countries with the highest attraction towards Stylight’s Italian website, with various renowned partners benefiting from their presence on the Italian platform and their exposure to Italian customers.

“Italy is a highly interesting market for Stylight because of its many internationally renowned luxury labels, as well as its successful multinational online stores like Yoox. The Italian customer has a strong interest in fashion, which makes them an attractive audience for brands from other countries looking to expand into new markets” comments Dr. Roman Hrycyk, Vice President and Head of Business Development at Stylight.

Want a deeper look into Stylight.it’s growth? (you can also gain some insights into the global integration!) Take a closer look in the Stylight Italy Case Study…

Stylight.it Third Anniversary – Case Study from Stylight

|By Ilenia Sarman|



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