12 Hours with: Natalia, Influencer Marketing Manager


Define yourself in one hashtag

What’s your definition of success?
Intersection of passion, talent and market demand // How high you bounce when you hit the bottom

Your power outfit?
Short, top, leather jacket, sneakers & sunnies

Biggest surprise working at Stylight?
Finding out that companies like Stylight actually exist!

Last thought before you go to sleep?
I reflect about the day and think about what went well and what went wrong.

Give us a word that describes your job for each letter of your name:

Person you’d love to have coffee with
Miuccia Prada

Best gift you’ve ever received
A cat

‘Home’ means…?
Childhood, family, friends, awesome food, love. Basically heaven.



Natalia´s clock

Wake up, shower and stretch. When my alarm rings I jump out of bed and have my 15 minutes morning stretch. It makes me feel energised and ready to face the day. And I love waking up to my clock as it has a positve message on it!
No talking til coffee. I prepare my espresso macchiato, whilst listening to my playlist “Morning Beats” on Spotify. Music makes everything much better! Then I proceed with my rituals: getting dressed, drying my hair and doing my make up. Ready to face the day! 🙂


Img2 Natalia

I start my 30 mins walk to work. I do not own a bike in Munich, rather I try to walk as much as I can – except when I am in a rush or it is -10°C :). Sometimes I even walk 20km per day! I love walking, especially if it’s sunny: it gives me a natural energy boost and I feel revitalised. The green spots in the city make it even more pleasant..
Entering STYLIGHT in the morning is such a good feeling: the office is so wide and bright and resonates the relaxed structure of a loft. It is the perfect environment to trigger creativity whilst feeling happy and motivated. And finally some familiar faces appear…Time to switch on my computer and start being productive…


Img3 Natalia

..Oh wait, first breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal for me. I can’t be productive if I do not eat a substantial meal in the morning. I normally opt for a huge bowl of fruit, cereals and yogurt. In this way I feel full longer and I don’t find myself starving for a Pretzel at 11am
My typical day at STYLIGHT normally includes a brainstorming on a branded campaign for the magazine. Here I am and my awesome advertising team being super productive and exchanging ideas regarding the next campaign.


Img4 Natalia

Lunch @ D&D. Despite being Italian and consequently a fan of carbs, Dean & David is my favorite lunch spot in Munich. I just love salads, they are healthy and with a good dressing and along with bread they are fulfilling enough yet don’t make you feel sleepy around 2pm.
At this time I normally get my 3rd or 4th coffee (and last of the day!)… If the day is not too busy, I use this time to do research on campaigns and influencers. This is an essential part of my job as I take care of the online influencers I have to be updated on their projects and campaigns all the time.


Img5 Natalia

As I can be a very diligent person (lol), I do attend a German course which takes place twice a week. I have to admit it is a bit tiring to go to study German after a long day at work, but I absolutely love my classmates and my teacher, it is soo much fun! This definitely makes it easy and a lot of giggles during the class. I do not regret subscribing to the course. One day I might even become fluent in German 🙂
When I have a busy day, I do not really have a proper dinner. I just keep on snacking the whole afternoon basically, in order not to go to bed hungry. During this hot season my snacks normally include an icecream, and yes dark chocolate is my favourite flavour!


Img6 Natalia
I normally use my last energy of the day for doing sport: running is one of my favorite activities, as it doesn’t require any equipment, you can basically do it everywhere and is one of the best solutions to clear the mind!
Shower, Netflix and a kingsize bed are the perfect ending to a busy day. And here are my essentials before sleeping time: Book, tea and candle! Goodnight Munich.



|By Natalia Sarzi Amadè|

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