Behind the Scenes: Stylight Suits You!


Of course you’ve seen our ‘12 Hours With’ feature. Well this time we’ve gone one step further! Shout out to our amazing Video and PR team for creating this one-of-a-kind company video series aka Stylight Suits You. Together we got a visual downlow and even a little bit more on what really goes on behind closed doors. No cuts, no edits, just one shot and us.

Why a Stylight Suits You series?

With top fashion, lifestyle and tech professionals coming in from Scandinavia right through to South America, it’s really no surprise that we’re never short of a few intriguing stories. It’s this huge grouping of nationalities and creative minds, full of people eager to share their experiences and cultures, that we believe makes Stylight tick.

Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new Stylight Suits You series over on our Youtube channel and gain instant access into just how we work. But, in true Stylight form… We thought we’d go right ahead and share a snippet of what to expect from the SSY series.

Meet the Stylighters

Surely you’ve already met Philipp, our Visual Content Designer and local Bavarian? Well, Phil’s been pretty busy since his last interview with us. Working on some exciting new design projects for Stylight as well as treating himself to his all time favourite tipple (non-alcoholic of course). Actually speaking of which… have you got your hands on one of our Pre-Wiesn party tickets yet?

Resident Canadian Alee is a bit of fruit enthusiast (spot the banana). As our in-house User Researcher she loves her job as much as she loves showing off her German skills, although we’re pretty sure she’s only pro at one of them.

Performance Marketer Stephanie rides possibly the cutest bike in Munich – you might have seen her taking the lead in our 30 day bike challenge? During her vid she explains what it means to be part of an awesome team and, erm, why she wanted to be the next Albert Einstein growing up.

Konsti graduated from uni with a degree in Human Biology but all that science doesn’t stop him from being our guy behind the numbers. Business Intelligence Manager by day and all round clever clogs, just don’t ask him where he’s headed on his honeymoon.

Johann, our Engineering Evangelist, however is our guy behind that hair. Or should that be underneath?

The Stylight video team in action, filming Bernhard Obereder our iOS developer

Our video team in action, filming Bernhard Obereder our iOS developer

Watch as we also grab a coffee with Mobile Developer Bernhard and discuss what really makes the Stylight app one of the top mobile apps around.

From coffee to popping bottles of champagne, you can not miss our Business Development Manager Francesca´s laugh out loud video – since when did business meetings and Italian grandmas mix? And clown school? Really?!

And how could we forget our German Junior Recruiter Annabel? Watch as Annabel dishes the dirt on some of the applicant horror stories she’s received in the past – future Stylighters you may want to take note on this one

Share our Stylight Suits You series with friends and take a look at all of our open vacancies. Maybe next time it’ll be you who’s in front of the camera?


|By Thalita Milan|



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