Stylight Wins Rising Star Publisher at the 16th Rakuten Marketing Golden Link Awards


We’re so excited to announce that Stylight took home the award for “New Rising Star Publisher” at the 16th Annual Rakuten Marketing Golden Link Awards in New York City.

The Golden Link Awards, held this year on Wednesday, June 27, honor leaders in the affiliate marketing industry.

Stylight was happy to have Teresa Lopez, Bridget Deeney, Uli Bartholomäus, and Damien Verichon accept the award and represent Stylight in New York City!

stylight wins rising star publisher rakuten

From left to right: Damien Verichon (Head of Partner Management), Teresa Lopez (Lead Business Development Manager), Bridget Deeney (Business Development Manager), Uli Bartholomäus (Managing Director).

The “Rising Star Publisher” award is presented to a publisher that has grown rapidly and succeeded within the Rakuten affiliate network.

For Stylight, this distinction represents the company’s booming growth in the United States market in just four years.

So, what got us here?

“This year, one of Stylight’s main priorities has been to grow our number of Rakuten partnerships alongside optimizing our current programs together,” said Teresa Lopez, Lead Business Development Manager of Stylight. “It’s crucial for us to deliver great results by adding new features on our site.”

This strategy has been working. In the first half of 2018, Stylight saw a YoY increase of number of orders by 35 percent and number of items by 60 percent on average with its current Rakuten advertisers.

“We expect to keep growing for this second half of the year,” Teresa said.

Uli Bartholomäus, Managing Director of Stylight, credits the US team for developing one of Stylight’s key strategic markets and strengthening the company’s reach overall.

“The fashion industry is highly fragmented, and international brands and retailers will require better and different strategies in order to continue to compete and develop within the growing affiliate sector,” said Uli.

By offering its partners an international reach spanning 17 markets, Stylight helps brands and retailers succeed on a global scale.

More than 1,200 shops profit from Stylight’s approach, which finds the best balance between advertising and sales conversion services, partner management, and machine learning technology,” said Uli.

The “Rising Star Publisher” award represents Stylight’s achievement so far, but it also hints at what’s to come. Moving forward, Stylight will continue to pursue strong growth, especially in the US market, by striving to provide the best platform for our shoppers and partners.


By Julia Udicious – Business Development Intern



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