Up for the challenge? Join our new Stylight Talents Program!


Want to know what the next generation of internships looks like? Face new challenges, have a look beyond your abilities and let your creative ideas run wild with our STYLIGHT Talents Program!

We are very proud to finally spread the word about our brand new and super awesome internship program: STYLIGHT Talents! We promise: As an intern at STYLIGHT you will not spend endless hours bored at the photocopier or brewing coffee for your supervisor. Rather, you´ll be working side-by-side with your colleagues as an equivalent team member and accordingly will be paid above minimum wage from day one. For us, flat hierarchy is not just a saying, it is our mindset and part of our culture. As our new STYLIGHT Talent we know you give your best each day, and that is why we trust your abilities and let you work independently on your own projects. Don’t worry, your supervisor will give you every support you need and discover your strengths and hidden talents with you.

For us, your personal and professional development is our main goal. We will not just help you to grow bit by bit, but exponentially. So, if you really love adventures and challenges, join us for a trip to explore new sides of yourself every day.

STYLIGHT is more than just an international company, it is a place where people from over 22 nations all over the world can feel at home (Click here to find out more about our intercultural diversity). Our corporate language is English, so we are very happy to welcome everyone from everywhere. Of course, we will lend you a helping hand when you e.g. have to apply for a visa or need to find a flat. Moreover we have plenty of possibilites to do an internship: our departments reach from Business Development over to Content Marketing and from Finance to UI/UX Design. To sum it up: at STLYIGHT our doors are wide open for every new talent from fashion freaks to tech geeks. If we don’t have any open vacancies matching your profile on our career page, just send us a speculative application and tell us why you want to be our next STYLIGHT Talent – we read every application carefully.

We were very curious to hear everything about the experiences of our former and current interns to take our internship program to the next level. We have considerd every single voice, evaluated the feedback and created a new structure based on their pros and cons.

As we want our future STYLIGHT Talents to know all about our program, we will give you an insight into its structure and the main aspects.

1. Preparation

Of course, we know you are excited to start your big adventure at STYLIGHT. As we want you to be as well prepared as possible, we provide you with access to our intranet, STYLIGHT Awesomenet, even before you have started working for us. There you can find everything about living in Munich, your first day at our office as well as a our everyday survival guide, which helps you to get along in the day-to-day business. You also receive some relevant department information material in order to be ready for starting your internship at STYLIGHT.

2. First Week

Ready to get the awesomeness at STYLIGHT started? For our part, we are very excited to welcome you as our new team member. As we do not want you to feel overwhelmed by all the information and the new environment, we have prepared a welcome package. This package equips you with everything you need to have a perfect start – from initial training plan to the ultimate energy boost.

The whole team is just as excited and curious to get to know you, as you are to get to know them.Therefore your supervisor organizes a team meet (e.g. a team lunch) where you can get a deeper insight into your department and have a chat with all your colleagues.

The next important appointment of your first day is our HR Onboarding meeting. Here you can meet all the other newbies and exchange your excitement. Additionally, our HR manager Carina takes you on a tour through our stylish office and answers all the questions buzzing around your head.

Within your first week you get an introduction to STYLIGHT’s past and future. First, our CEO & co-founder Benni tells you everything about how it all started – four friends, four laptops, one awesome idea: combining the best of fashion with new technology. As you can imagine, it is truly an amazing story! After you have heard everything about STYLIGHT’s origin, Anselm, also one of our founders, gives you an overview of our departments and keeps you updated on STYLIGHT’s future plans.

3. Working @ STYLIGHT

Here at STYLIGHT no day is like any other. We love to be creative and to work in interdisciplinary teams with agile methods – this is why you find bright coloured post-its, whiteboards full of innovative ideas and lego bricks in every shape and colour all over our office space. Another agile component is that we formulate Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) to track our work progress. Defining these goals together with your supervisor gives you the chance to create your unique internship experience. You set the focus on tasks that help you to outgrow yourself as well as on projects that you are eager to realize.

As soon as you have reached the first half of your internship, it is just the right time for a first feedback session. The feedback gives you the opportunity to be completely honest. During the feedback you and your supervisor review how everything has developed so far. Both of you have a closer look at your OKRs, evaluate your progress and define new goals to further develop your strenghts.With your constructive criticism and creative suggestions you actively contribute to improving STYLIGHT’s internal processes.

At STYLIGHT your own ideas, above and beyond your daily tasks are more than welcome. We appreciate it when you as one of our talents take a proactive approach and push forward your own inspiring projects. Of course, we will give you every support you need.

4. Talent Pool

The investment in our talents is an affair of hearts to us, that is why we want to stay in touch with our best interns via our STYLIGHT Talent Pool.  To be a part of this talent pool means, that we will keep you updated with all the latest news about STYLIGHT, invite you to our awesome events and contact you as soon as we have new job offers.


Who are our interns?

Have a look at three of our current interns at STYLIGHT and get an exclusive insight into their experiences.

Intern Content Marketing & Communications Netherlands: Athena

Athena1. What is your main task?

I am writing press articles and create cool content. Also I am constantly in contact with the press to make sure that everybody, everywhere knows about STYLIGHT.

2. What do you like most about STYLIGHT?

STYLIGHT is a young & dynamic company, where you get lots of appreciation for your work and can give a lot of input: I like it that my supervisor is always open for my ideas and opinions.

3. Tell me about your biggest achievement at STYLIGHT so far!

Being part of the SFIA’s and supporting my colleagues by writing and finalizing the press release and communicating with the press in Berlin.


Intern Performance Marketing: Simon

1. What is your main task?

I am responsible for creating and optimizing search advertising campaigns for the DACH and Dutch markets.

2. What do you like most about STYLIGHT?

What I like most about STYLIGHT is that the start-up atmosphere is still everywhere. While everyone is working professionally here, you still have flat hierarchies & open communciation.

3. Tell me about your biggest achievement at STYLIGHT so far!

Writing a Google AdWords Script which automated a recurring task and saved precious time of my team.


Intern UI / UX Design: Alexandra

1. What is your main task?

My main task is to create designs for the mobile app. It never gets boring because in the fast-paced UI/UX world there is always something new that can be tested. Now, that our magazine is finally online, I am also conceptualizing new ways to improve the user experience on phones and tablets.

2. What do you like most about STYLIGHT?

The mentorship culture: junior employees are partnered up with seniors – both working together to achieve the best, to learn from each other and to grow further in their industry! As I am from Vancouver, I also love living in Munich and exploring this beautiful city with all its culture events.

3. Tell me about your biggest achievement  at STYLIGHT so far!

My biggest achievement to date was designing the Top 100 page for our homepage of the app. It was cool seeing my idea actually show positive results. We’re replacing it with the magazine for the German app, but it will stay there for the rest of the STYLIGHT countries.


Does this sound like the perfect challenge for you? Then apply for our open internship positions at www.stylight.com/Jobs and become one of our first STYLIGHT Talents.

Proud to bleed purple.


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