The Stylight’s Guide to the German Millennial Woman


At STYLIGHT, we are passionate about Millennial Women. We would literally go out of our way to understand what our users crave, in order to create an inspiring pleasant experience on every platform and channel.

Our most recent study aimed to answer some questions about the German Millennial Woman. From her general characteristics and life priorities to her expectations of women’s magazines, we got it all covered.

At a glance, we have the following big take aways:

  • Millennials strive to be informed and empowered. They have access to information and the willingness to explore their options.
  • They are accessing online entertainment sources mainly via referrals, and organic search results. They are savvy technology users, who care what their community thinks.
  • They are career driven, and value time saving. They are earning and spending more.
  • The topics they are interested in span well beyond fashion. They are looking for advice to assist them in making informed decisions.

Peek into the STYLIGHT Guide to the German Millennial Woman for detailed stats and charts, and stay tuned for more user interviews to get a deeper understanding of where women get their inspiration from and how they convert it into action.



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