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You begin one task, 5 minutes later the phone rings and you pick it up. After the interruption you try to come back to the task, but keep thinking about the call and cannot focus. Then you get an email notification. What do you do? Well, of course, you stop everything and open it. In a matter of 5 minutes you have done three different things, but could not complete entirely any of them.

If you can relate to this description, welcome to the world of the anxious people, a group which I belong to for quite some time. Working as a PR Manager Brazil at Stylight, I have to deal with all sort of daily tasks, being them press requests from the other side of the globe, monthly content planning and so on. Sometimes the mind looks like a crazy monkey jumping around from tree to tree: you go from one thought to another in the shortest period of time. It looks like you are everywhere, except from here, now. This association of the monkey mind was introduced by Buddha around 2500 years ago. It looks like he already guessed we were about to enter an era of information overload, right?

Well, Buddha not only explained the problem, but also presented a solution. And his suggestions have nothing to do with religion or spirituality. Meditation helps you to calm your anxious mind by focusing on the breath and not on your thoughts. You probably have friends posting about these things on your Facebook timeline: meditation has become a trend in a time when, according to this research, anxiety is the most common mental illness in countries like the United States, for example.

Meditation reportedly increases productivity and focus, improves the ability to address one thing at a time and reduces stress and anxiety. If this sounds attractive, but you have no idea how to begin a meditation practice, check the following reviews of 4 of the best rated meditation apps for Android and iOS.

Our Top 4 Mediation Apps


Andy was a student interested more in meditation than in his Sports Science studies. He made the decision to become a Buddhist monk in India and used his experience to begin teaching meditation through technology. That’s how Headspace was launched in 2010, offering a comprehensive introduction to meditation for those who have no clue how to begin. The app guides you through 10-minute daily sessions and presents explanation videos about how the brain works.


  • Monthly subscription: £ 7,95 /month
  • Yearly subscription: £ 4,99 /month



My opinion: If you want a full “how to meditate” guide in an educational way, this is THE app. It also offers a lot of different series (relationship issues, better performance, health improvements, etc). However, if you want to see the results, it requires some sort of commitment on a long term. The videos are super cute!


Buddhify has a more “urban” approach to meditation. The app offers guided sessions for when you are commuting, cooking or even taking a bath. The biggest advantage is the variety on the duration. There you find from 5 minutes meditations on the go to deep relaxation sessions that last 20 minutes.


  • $4.99


My opinion: It’s an excellent app for those moments when you quickly need to calm down for a few minutes and get things done after. On the other hand, it does not teach you so much about meditation itself. It’s simple, straight-forward and you can adapt easily to your routine because it is really flexible. If the app had a section where you could save your favorite meditations, it would be even better.

The Mindfulness App

When you want variety and are willing to apply mindfulness in all areas of your life, The Mindfulness App is a good suggestion. You can purchase a library full of courses and alternative exercises that complement the meditation.


  • Premium library: $59.99
  • Individual sessions: $0.99

My opinion: The app has an interesting design and it is easy to navigate. I like the option that you can personalize your meditation with or without a guided beginning and flexible length. Trying out the free version is a good way to get started and see if you like it.


Would you rather have something simpler, but still effective? Calm offers a nice start off with a seven-day course. You only pay if you decide to have it for a longer period. With the app you also have the possibility to choose sounds and a nature scene to see when you do the practice.


  • Monthly subscription: $ 12,99 /month
  • Yearly subscription: $ 4,99 /month


My opinion: Calm’s first meditations are longer than the the ones from Headspace, what can seem a bit time-consuming for someone who is beginning. However, the app is really complete and also offers good background information. It’s a good app, and the program for sleeping problems deserve a look. In addition, their website is just stunning.

All the apps are available for Android and iOs.


|By Thalita Milan – PR & Communications Manager Brazil|


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