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In our mission to clarify exactly what Stylighters are doing across all departments, it’s time to reveal all secrets about our People & Organization Team. Curious about how they make Stylight happen? Read up on our fifth instalment of “Under the Desk”.


What’s your favourite food?

Lasagna. Unfortunately I can’t remember the first time I’ve tried it. I definitely wouldn’t have minded as a baby, if my mum fed me with lasagna though 😉 So assuming I was approximately three years old the first time I enjoyed lasagna I guess my brain was going like: “…yummy…oh look a unicorn mummy…”

What’s your favourite film? Who’s your favourite character in that film?

“Nowhere Boy” – tempted to say John Lennon. Obviously he is a very inspiring character. Nonetheless, some credits have to be given to his Aunt Mimi tremendously played by Kristin Scott Thomas. An amazing woman with great strength considering what she went through with little John. Great and simple movie to watch!

If you had to describe your job in a tweet, what would you say? 


Let’s pretend now you’re talking to your gran, ok? Can you explain just 5 of your everyday tasks?

  1. My goal is to find the best people for jobs that are vacant at Stylight. Thus, I talk to people over a camera and use instead of the phone this weird thing called Skype.
  2. Before it comes to an interview the job ads have to be written, and put online in this internet thingy. After applications are sent to us we evaluate them (so called screening) and invite potential candidates for an interview.
  3. As soon as we found the best people, contracts have to be sent, negotiations follow and finally everything has to be prepared for the person so that everyone has a great start at Stylight and feels like home after the first day.
  4. On a day to day bases there are also ad hoc requests from our lovely Stylighters. Especially for our internationals German bureaucracy proves to be quite a challenge sometimes. So we try to help wherever we can.
  5. Another thing that I do is organising parties for all the great Stylighters including summer fetes, ski trips, river rafts, christmas parties…

Last but not least… include an inspirational work quote and a work icon!

If ‘Plan A’ didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay Cool



|By Noemi Neuhaus – People & Organization Manager|


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