Early Christmas Morning: Behind the Scenes of Stylight’s Greeting Card 2016


Stylight Christmas Card 2016 - Header

Have you lately been longing for your fluffy blanket to share with your partner in crime, a tray of hot chocolate and gingerbread to cuddle up with and a high resolution TV so you can give your biggest Netflix loves all those hours of attention they deserve? Well, then welcome to the festive season 2016 (and the infamous club of binge-watching TV series freaks, just sayin’ :).

And with the sudden brainwave of “Oh no! Christmas is only four weeks away”, we were hit hard by the reality that we are not living the Gilmore Girls life in Stars Hollow, but instead coming up with a stroke of genius for this year’s Season Greetings card! So looking back at our exceptional editions of the past two years, including pulling off the perfect Housewife look of the 50s last year and embracing Tom Selleck style moustaches in 2014, there was more pressure than ever this year.

Stylight Christmas Card 2016 - Behind the Scenes

Stylight Christmas Card 2016 - setup

But hey, Stylight wouldn’t be Stylight if we weren’t bursting with good ideas! So we simply had to come to an agreement (however, the process was a whole lot more complicated than we could ever imagine! – the highs and lows of a creative bunch…don’t pretend you don’t know what we mean!) Nevertheless, in good Christmas spirit, we finally agreed that the theme would be ‘Christmas Morning’. And if you so much think that we’ve all gone crazy and thought “No, surely they haven’t worn their pyjamas for the Christmas card shoot?!” Well now you know why! And no we didn’t go to work in our pyjamas (as you probably were thinking!), we changed into our cosy gear when we arrived at the office 😀

Stylight Christmas Card 2016 - Tired

So here we present this year’s Christmas morning cosiness – and we hope you like it just as much as we do <3. And for those of you early birds, who already are awaiting our Christmas card when the first of November arrives, we have some special clues hidden in the picture for you to find every year… If you’re able to spot our “Mrs. Santa” cacao cup, two Christmas stockings, the little red present and of course our award-winning and underrated kitsch Christmas tree (who deserves an award as an evergreen tree given that he is the major prop since our first Christmas card) then you should definitely add a “Where is Walter” book to your wish list for Santa! Go you!

Stylight Christmas Card 2016 - Preparations

And if you’re still rubbing your head about what to buy for your beloved ones this year, or are looking for your own Christmas morning cosy sweater, then head over to Stylight and get yourself one of our super cool sweatshirts from our very first exclusive Stylight collection!

On the behalf of the whole Stylight team across our three offices as well as our three Managing Directors Max, Nico and Matthias,we wish you happy holidays and a jolly good season with your beloved ones!


Stylight Christmas Card 2016


|By Joëlle Homberger – Lead Branding & Communications|



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