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Team Sergi Sandra NEW HEADER

Amongst the plenty coffee guzzlers you´d forget we have quite a few who actually prefer a cuppa over a shot. Meet tea drinking Sergii and tea nipping Sandra who nevertheless go to the coffee corner to fill their mug with heat. Before we launch a #STYLIGHTteaclub, let´s see who they are besides tea.

Team Baptiste_Anna-NEWHEADER

Beers and Bellies, not a beer-belly though. Do you want to meet Stylight’s beer lover and the lovely belly dancer!? Get to know them in this article…

Team NEW HEADER-karte-modified feature size

Not only do we stand for an exciting fashion-forward community, once you’re Inside Stylight you’re part of a large international community. Sitting in the atrium at lunch it’s a given you’ll be rubbing shoulders (it gets nice and busy at lunchtimes, everyone wants to sit together) with different nationalities.


No matter whether it’s Munich, London or New York: Stylight is built by an international team of over 130 employees from over 22 different countries. All of them creative thinkers, fashion freaks and tech geeks, who work passionately on making Stylight better every day. We love what we do! We are proud to bleed purple!

Team Konstantin_Olga_NEWHEADER

Before you think incorrectly, this is not 1991’s American animated musical romantic fantasy film produced by Walt Disney. Meet two brain-kids in different divisions, the first two to kick-start the Faces of Stylight campaign.

Team NEWHEADER2-Stylight-Oktoberfest-2014

From every corner people all dressed in traditional Bavarian clothing gather at the “Wiesn”; creating a state of emergency in the city for the upcoming 14 days. With the unique smell of beer and roasted almonds in the air, and cotton candy everywhere – the subway feels like a steam sauna with one too many people – men tend, now more than ever, not to look into women’s eyes, as there is only ONE place to be – the Oktoberfest!

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