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Christmas is approaching fast and we’re all very much in the mood for giving and receiving of course. And what could be a better way to satisfy this desire? You are right: a charity flea market! Shopping for a good cause – who could ask for more?

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A day filed with learning, networking and overall, just having fun. 8 speakers, 7 workshops and almost 400 attendees;’s 3rd edition was the culmination point of Stylight’s passion for being part of and help building the local tech community and celebrate engineering. Gather insights from Stylight’s Tech Evangelist, Johann.

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A lucky few of you will already know just how special Stylight’s event really are… but, do you know who exactly is behind these amazing feats and just what it’s really like to manage some of the most crazy and inconceivable requests? Our awesome Event Manager Aki is on-hand and ready to provide you with some handy tips and insights into what goes on behind the scenes. Prepare yourselves for a little stress, a lot of fun and expert planning skills!

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So you’ve heard about Movember, but do you really know how it all started? Hint: Australia, a group of friends and some impressive facial hair! This year, Stylight has gone all out and made Movember 2015 more awesome and successful than ever. Through creative fundraisers such as a cupcake delivery service, Movemburgers, drink specials and of course our (in)famous Movember Parté we raised over € 6,727 euro for the Movember Foundation!

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Last week Stylight held its very first Ship-it Day that was not only for our engineers, but included employees from every division. In just 24 hours each team had to devise and implement a project that they wanted to further develop: As a company, here’s what Stylight learned from the experience.

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